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(video work for full dome projection)

Shown at

- Iziko Planetarium Under the Dome Festival 2019 (Cape Town, South Africa)

- Vrystaat Kunstefees Snelstroom 2020 (Free State, South Africa)




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Concept & Choreography by Louise Coetzer

Original Score by Matthijs van Dijk

Performed by Tania Mteto, Farnel Smart

Video Installation & Technical Set Up by Oscar O'Ryan

Costume by Henri Design

WRPD attempts at exaggerating the distorted visual effects of dome projection. This dance film uses movement to trace distortions of the physical form, placed against a surreal landscape. It is a visual exploration of reflection, refraction, duplication and deflection. 


The concept plays with perceptions  ‘from below looking up’ versus ‘ from above looking down’, while the dancer’s movements are designed to reflect this through duplication. By representing the human body through these multiplying frames, we assemble a strange, kaleidoscopic collage of the physical form. 


The resulting layers form a depiction of the human form as fragmented, architectural, juxtaposed… alien to its natural landscape. 

WRDP 1_edited.jpg
WRPD 33_edited.jpg
WRPD 2_edited.jpg

Originally produced for: The Centre for Curating the Archive, University of Cape Town and Iziko Museums of South Africa for the Under the Dome Experimental Film Festival where it won the "Best Film Award" 

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