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The Forgotten
(Dance Film)

Shown at

Agite Y Sirva (Oaxaca, Mexico)

U Dance On Screen (One Dance UK)

40 North Film Festival (California, USA)

Danceador Videodance Festival (USA)




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Directed & choreographed by Louise Coetzer

Cinematography: Oscar O’Ryan and Sunel Haasbroek

Sound Design: Imraan Samodien

Edit: Oscar O’Ryan

Produced by Darkroom Contemporary

Performers: The Dance For All InSPIRAtions Youth Company

Moving forward through life, we find ourselves constantly looking back. Often, the past can seem like a bright and shining time -  or, our histories loom like a dark shadow behind us. Some memories we try to hang on to, and others we choose to forget. The Forgotten explores memory and loss, living in the past, and finding hope for the future. 


With special thanks to The Sunshine Company for sponsoring all film equipment used to produce this film, to New Africa Theatre for the location, and with grateful appreciation to Sunel Haasbroek, Imraan Samodien and the cast & staff of Dance For All.

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